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j3N'Gt }"~r,TsS0【原文标题】From Munich to Tripoli: Appeasement Aids Aggression海峡博客xjf y#x5i
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【来源地址】http://en.m4.cn/2011/09/20/from- ... ent-aids-aggression海峡博客3r:iAs [z
【译    者】codewei
,Io;_ S7vL`f'~0海峡博客K3?!XD}
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岛津洋一海峡博客mi^ QbS/@

5no3b%SZ0Coco Chanel famously said: "My friends, there are no friends." The French fashion designer, a Nazi collaborator during the wartime occupation, would have found a comfortable fit in with the "Friends of Libya" in New York. The meeting, a sequel to an earlier summit in Sarkozy's Paris, is aimed at expanding international support for the NATO-installed National Transitional authority in Tripoli. The well-attired diplomats and cologne-drenched corporate executives at the New York conference, now as in Coco Chanel's lifetime, are doing what they do best: appeasement of aggression.
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The present generation of appeasers is following the textbook of surrender written by Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier, the "statesmen" who sanctioned Adolf Hitler's takeover of Czechoslovakia in late September 1938. The prime ministers of Britain and France were latecomers in recognizing the Nazi re-division of the world and therefore had no claim to the war booty. Instead of sharing the fascist loot, they had to satisfy their constituents with scraps from the Fuhrer's table - mainly face-saving photo opportunities to show that their diplomatic mission was a "success." History surely repeats itself with the Libyan debacle.海峡博客cP'iV"Eb Co
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}Q)i-p7c Fo0Peace on the Cheap海峡博客1j2a;U3u^0G~
"Peace in our time" was, of course, a fraud, which certainly did not fool Hitler, who came away from Munich convinced that the Western democracies were ready to yield all of the capitals of Eastern Europe along with Vienna and Prague. The appeasement epidemic soon infected Stalin's Moscow with the signing of the Ribbentrop-Molotov agreement in 1939, a compromise that lulled the Soviet Union into a surprise attack.海峡博客&P6Id\4C,D(s4d
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)L*oHu yOq0Since the Munich dictat, the roles have changed. Today, it is Russia and China going hat in hand to the British-French-American victory celebration. Contemporary appeasement arises from the same source as the sell-out at Munich: amorality, the failure to adhere to higher principles. Individuals or countries lacking a coherent social ethos and personal code of conduct, tempered in real-world struggle, easily fall prey to the notion that "might makes right". Instead of standing up to threats, they kneel to the powerful as if before a demigod.海峡博客r E`FQG
ClVh n_x&c$H0海峡博客}JE3u i5?Bi
World Body in Shame
p2t q*Ho1^H$X1L0Governments are prone to appeasement because their diplomats and bureaucrats are amoral, being mere functionaries who operate under rules and not principles. The United Nations, as a hierarchy of governments and a diplomat's club, has a longer record of betraying the principle of self-determination than even its discredited predecessor, the League of Nations. Instead of defending sovereignty, the UN more often than not has been a violator, as it was in the Korean conflict, Vietnam War, partition of Yugoslavia and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.海峡博客?c6JlwL
政府容易绥靖是因为他们的外交官和官僚是非道德的,他们只是按规定和原则办事的工作人员。联合国,作为一个政府的等级机构和外交官的俱乐部,在背叛民族自决原则方面早已比它声名狼藉的前身国际联盟更加劣迹斑斑。联合国没有保卫主权,甚至多次成为一个主权的侵犯者,像它在朝鲜和越南战争,南斯拉夫解体,以及入侵阿富汗和伊拉克。海峡博客rr:RO$zE xc2R
The two Security Council resolutions to "protect civilians" in Libya provided pseudo-legitimate cover for a foreign invasion by the special forces units from the French, British, Qatari and Jordanian armies bolstered by jihadist recruits from across the Middle East, Turkey and Afghanistan. The logic behind "protection of civilians" is similar to Hitler's pretext for seizing Czechoslovakia, which was to "save" its German-speaking minority. The one big difference between then and now is that Chamberlain and Daladier did not have the power of veto.海峡博客 u+h!@(MR
hK[9{ ]|%e EKq0The Libyan rebels, it should be recalled, rejected the UN offer to send a peacekeeping mission to Benghazi. Their objective from the start was to establish an Islamist Emirate in the Magreb under sharia law, arguably more repressive than Taliban rule. The jihadists have already slaughtered many more civilians, especially blacks, than the UN could have ever rescued.
rC&OF/F7Ee0The current suggestion to impose a U.N. operation inside Libya is, on a practical level, nonsense. The Libyan state holds more than $160 billion in foreign assets has no foreign debt and can raise adequate funds for reconstruction from forward contracts on oil delivery. In contrast, the UN is a pauper agency with a $5 billion annual budget and a chronic debt. It is Libya that can afford to finance the United Nations, not vice versa. In addition, the risk potential for a UN presence in Tripoli is massive, considering the ominous parallels with its mission in Iraq and, more recently, Nigeria, were its personnel were mass-murdered by truck bombs. How many more human lives do the appeasers intend to throw away?海峡博客:u N Y W*E6l

海峡博客.P3UPi ~kQ
Guernica, Again海峡博客~/i eD [6a| J\
海峡博客 P*p,H4vt;^ Y
(该地名成作为油画《格尔尼卡》的名字,是立体主义的领导人毕加索作于20世纪30年代的一件具有重大影响及历史意义的杰作。此画是受西班牙共和国政府的委托,为1937年在巴黎举行的国际博览会西班牙馆而创作,是表现战争题材且具有纪念意义的作品。画中表现的是1937年纳粹德国空军疯狂轰炸西班牙小城格尔尼卡的暴行。)海峡博客o tP}"Q
It is no wonder, then, that the ruling council treats reluctant recognition from Moscow and Beijing with unconcealed contempt. Pretoria and Caracas, in contrast, are shown the uneasy degree of respect accorded to adamant enemies. Global power relations are based on fear not friendship. Coco Chanel and Machiavelli were right about that.海峡博客Nf u iat.e
yFes@"EhN0Real men and women fight not for compromises but for their political beliefs and personal convictions. The spineless diplomacy demonstrated at Munich, and more recently in Paris and New York, achieves nothing. The only realistic choice is to fight aggression, even if it means certain defeat. The shining example for moral courage handed down to us from the 1930s came with the Spanish Civil War, when a brave population without the support of a prostrate League of Nations stood up to the combined military might of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, Franco's legions and his Moroccan auxiliaries. The fascist horde invaded Spain in defiance of a League arms embargo, which was enforced only against the republican side, as was the case in the one-sided U.N. sanctions against Libya.
qP&_ |\3Y0海峡博客X9HSr)_M5Y
3N8O-L%I+Bx2|,~;Kw0Today, the NATO jets that pound Sirte are the equivalent of the Hilter's Condor bombers, which leveled the beleaguered Spanish Basque town of Guernica. Then the League failed to challenge the fascist assault on Spain, while now the UN takes a step further into the moral quagmire by backing the NATO proxy regime .The fall of Madrid to the fascists had horrifying consequences for the republicans and the International Brigades. Yet the blood of innocents and fighters spilled on Spanish soil provided the moral rationale and inspiration for the crucial victories at Stalingrad and Midway.海峡博客V6eQ N9U
今天,北约在苏尔特的轰炸机就和希特勒的神鹰轰炸机一样,夷平了在困境中的西班牙巴斯克地区的格尔尼卡镇。在那时,国际联盟没有对法西斯袭击西班牙做出反抗,而现在,联合国由于支持北约的代理制度打击利比亚而陷入更深的道德泥潭。马德里的沦陷,对共和党和国际反法阵营产生了可怕后果。但西班牙的无辜者与战士的鲜血已经洒在西班牙的土地上,为斯大林格勒战役和中途岛大战这样反法战争的关键性胜利提供了道德依据和灵感。海峡博客e,Y Wh"SL |,O7A

*gF0f._ Kl;|zm B0Struggle On海峡博客7hRK-Kbk5U@e
The moral grounds for resisting the fascist offensive were not given by the Comintern commissars or church prelates; leadership of the spirit came the writers and commentators who conveyed the words of the Spanish people to the world. Millions were moved to action by the slogan "They shall not pass", voiced over the radio by the female communist leader Dolores Ibarruri, better known as La Pasionaria. Her comrade-in-arms Louis Aragon, a French poet and intellectual, emerged from Surrealism, a cultural movement that advocated total resistance to bourgeois hypocrisy Ernest Hemingway, the journalist and novelist whose his democratic instincts were based on the ideals tested by America's own Civil War, helped to raise the Lincoln Brigade of valiant American volunteers.
容忍法西斯的侵犯不是共产国际的政委们或是教堂主教们给出的道德理由;通过作家和评论家所传递的西班牙人民的语言到世界而产生了精神领袖。数百万的人投身于“他们不能通过”的行动当中,这句口号是一位女共产党人多洛雷斯通过电台播出的,她以passion flower著称。她的战友路易斯•阿拉贡,一位法国的诗人、知识分子,他是从超现实主义的那场主张完全阻断资产阶级为善海明威的文化运动中脱颖而出,作为记者和小说家,他的民主本能来源于美国内战的思想实践,这种思想当时激励了林肯军团那些英勇美国志愿者。
$?-G)Q]+c{0[F r0Whenever the amoral embrace the immoral, it is then up to the intellectuals and artists to summon ordinary people to find in themselves the courage to fight on. What the diplomats and corporate chieftains in their bestial stupor can never understand is this paradox of history: With triumph, the aggressors seal their defeat; but for the people, from the ashes of defeat arises victory. The battle of Libya, by no means over yet, is just the beginning of the third world war. As far as morality goes, it is the acid test for each of us.
-R*bWK9X0当不道德与道德难以区分时,那就是知识分子与艺术家号召百姓找到斗争勇气之日。外交官与企业家在他们的醉生梦死之中,永远都不可能明白这个历史的悖论:随着侵略者的胜利,他们的失败将会被尘封;但是为了人民,在失败的废墟中诞生胜利。利比亚的战斗,并不意味着结束,它仅仅是第三次世界大战的开始。道德的消逝,对我们每个人而言都是严峻的考验。海峡博客 N]+J*in
Yoichi Shimatsu is Editor at Large for April Media.
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